Can I combine weed with magic truffles or shrooms?

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magic truffles

People often mix alcohol and different kinds of drugs. As soon as you do this, you have to know what you actually can mix together to prevent a bad trip or going bad. The fun thing about mixing drugs is that they can amplify each other, but it can also be overwhelming and sometimes it can even be very dangerous. In this blog, we will explain you everything about combining shrooms with cannabis.

What are cannabis and magic mushrooms?

Most people already know what cannabis and shrooms are. However, before you mix or take any drugs, then you should know what they are and how you consume them. Most people love to mix cannabis with shrooms and prefer it for example over LSD or other drugs as they are both natural products. However, the effects of cannabis could differ from person to person. Some people get for example anxiety instead of feeling relaxed. When you know that cannabis has this effect on you, then you shouldn’t mix these two drugs with each other.

How do I use these two drugs

Cannabis and shrooms can be taken in different ways. The consumption method is very important when you are going to use these drugs. First of all, we start with the consumption methods of cannabis:

  • Edibles
  • Vaping
  • Smoking
  • Oral extracts
  • Dabbing

The THC in cannabis only starts to work as soon as you have heated the cannabis. This is also why cannabis is mostly smoked. When you use eat edibles with cannabis then the effects are much longer lasting and also more intense. This also means that these effects can be overwhelming as soon as these effects kick in when you are already tripping from the shrooms. When you want the effects of cannabis more short-lasting then it is recommended to smoke or vape the cannabis.

Shrooms are in most cases eaten in different forms such as:

  • Plainly eating them
  • Adding them to food
  • Capsules with shroom concentrate
  • Blue honey

As you can see are shrooms and truffles mostly eaten. This is mainly because shrooms can’t be heated as the psilocybin gets broken down during the heating process.

Tripping with shrooms

Shrooms and magic truffles are considered a hallucinogen. This means that reality changes both internally and externally. Different patterns could appear or you see colors change. And also internally you can notice different effects. You can get new insights about yourself or even the world. On another side, you have Cannabis which is mostly used to relax or for its euphoric effects. However, some types of cannabis with high rates of THC and low CBD rates tend to cause more anxiety or even paranoia. This means that anxiety mostly is caused by cannabis. If you are going to mix cannabis and shrooms, then you should mix shrooms with a cannabis strain with low THC rates and is high in its CBD rates.

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