Our smartshop expands to germany!

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Just as true psychonauts we love to help as many people as possible to enjoy the best smartshop products. Recently you can also buy our smart-shop products online in Germany! Our smart-shop is not only specialized in products such as magic truffles, and shrooms but also many other products that increase your self-consciousness.  Think about different kinds of herbs such as Kanna, mescaline cacti, and of course the very famous magic truffles and shrooms. But what if you want to improve your own well-being? Then you can buy in our online smart shop in Germany also other products such as medicinal mushrooms, CBD products, and different kinds of happy caps.

What is a smartshop?

Our smart shop, that also ships products to Germany, is an online webshop that sells different types of products that are legal to buy. Many people actually think that smartshops automatically sell drugs. However, nothing less is true. The products in our webshop are shipped to you and are legal to buy. Our products vary from different types such as psychedelic products, but also CBD products, and even happy caps. The products that we sell in our German smartshop are for example helpful to be more relaxed or even to find inner peace! All our products are accessible and easy to buy in our online Smartshop. We deliver the products from our German smartshop to you as fast as possible and without any problems.

What do we have in our smartshop Germany?

Our online smartshop is based in the Netherlands, but we are able to deliver smartshop products to you without any problems in Germany. We sell for example psychedelic products such as shrooms and magic truffles but also mescaline cacti. These products are psychedelic and help you to trip.

More energy with Kanna and Kratom

Would you like to get more energy or feel more euphoric? In this case, it could help to use Kanna or Kratom. Both products are made from plants and help you to get more energy. We have a variety of kratom and kanna in our online smart shop and can easily ship them to you in Germany.


Did you know that CBD products don’t contain any THC? This means that these products are fully legal even though it is made from cannabis. Most people don’t necessarily like the herbal character of CBD oil. So what if we told you that you can use CBD without the intense flavor? Well then don’t look any further! We have different products such as cotton candy, and CBD cubes with different flavors. This way you can enjoy the benefits of CBD but more as a treat! 

Microdosing in Germany

Would you like to experiment with microdosing. We can order microdosing truffles on our German webshop. These products are pre-weighed which means that you have a rather low chance that you trip from them. Instead, you can reap the benefits of magic truffles. You could possibly feel more energetic for example. So are you ready to explore or online smartshop? Order the products in our online smartshop and we will ship it to you in Germany!

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