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What are medicinal mushrooms?

Mushrooms are eaten for ages by humans. Some for its flavour and some for its medicinal properties. Most of the medicinal mushrooms we know today are discovered in ancient China and are used in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Today we explain why medicinal mushrooms could be good for you and why could possibly give…
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Magic truffle guide for the USA

Magic truffles are natural fungi that grow everywhere in the world including in most of the states of the USA. You can still enjoy magic truffles with your friends and experience unique trips with magic truffles such as Nirwana, Utopia and even Dutch truffles. You can order all these magic truffles in our web shop…
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How to prevent side pins on magic mushroom growkits

As soon as you start growing mushrooms with a growkit, or in a bin, you might know the struggle of side pinning. These annoying side pins can be easily be avoided, because it is easier then you think! What are magic mushroom side pins? Firstly, it is important to know what these side pins are.…
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Can microdosing help against depressions?

Microdosing has many upsides. Some people are able to concentrate better, feel themselves better and they could feel less sleepy. But did you know that microdosing could help against depression? The UMC Utrecht started in 2019 with experiments to treat people with depressions with psilocybin. This substance can be found in magic truffles and mushrooms.…
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Magic Mushrooms

What is the difference between magic Truffles and Mushrooms

You want to experiment with psychoactive substances and one of the first things you can find is magic truffles and magic mushrooms. Aren’t magic truffles and mushrooms not just the same thing? They have both with psilocybin right? Many people have asked us to at Doctor Growkit what the difference is between the two. Now…
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Four tips for the best experience with magic truffles

The experience you have after you use truffles is always a surprise. One time you will experience the best trip of your life with new insights about life. Other times you could experience a bad trip that could scare you as everything feels, looks, and sounds very scary. When you use magic truffles you would…
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What is microdosing?

Microdosing is a technique that can help you to focus better. If you consume small amounts of magic truffles or even LSD, you will get more focused. It is very important to microdose correctly as you might experience a trip. We will explain to you in this blog how you microdose, so you can achieve…
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What are magic truffles?

There are many varieties of truffles. You have exclusive winter truffles but also magic truffles. But where do they come from and what do they do? And lastly, how do they grow? We help you to learn more about magic truffles. Magic truffles grow underground and are a storage of the magic mushroom. The official…
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Why mycelium is important for magic mushrooms

There is a whole world growing beneath the ground. Mycelium is an important network for nature as it turns death into life. When you grow magic mushrooms you have to know the term mycelium. We will explain in this blog everything about mycelium.  What is the mycelium? When you take care of mycelium from your…
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