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This package will help you to be more successful in life. You will feel more confident, more productive, more creative, and therefore more successful at work and in your personal life. With microdosing you consume very small amounts of psilocybin truffles. However, the amounts are so small you will not get high or experience visual effects. You do receive the positive effects of the truffle. Meaning you will only receive the benefits of the magic truffles.



What are the effects of microdosing?

Microdosing is an easy way to be more productive. As you consume very small amounts of magic truffles you will receive all the benefits. These benefits are in general being more creative and being more productive at work. Also, you will feel more energetic. This means that you can do more in a day. Also, it is proven to decrease headaches and migraines. Lastly, you will sleep better during microdosing cycles.

How do I microdose psilocybin truffles?

When you microdose you use very small amounts of psychedelic substances such as magic truffles. It is not recommended to microdose daily. When you do this for a long period, you will get resistant to the effects. To counter this you can best consume the psilocybin truffle two days after a row, following by two stopping days. You could keep track of what the effects are of the microdosing and ask yourself every day how you feel. By knowing what the effects are. Also, it is recommended to follow a cycle of at least four to eight weeks.

 How should I store the Microdosing XP

Psilocybin truffles should be stored in the fridge between three and five degrees Celsius. After opening the pack, you should consume them within three weeks. When the package is closed you could store the psilocybin truffles of this pack for up to twelve weeks. You could also cut the pack into pieces. Therefore you could store the other doses for a longer period.

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