Wise Rootz – Full Focus

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Wise Rootz – Full Focus

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Benefits of Wise Rootz Full Focus:

  • Enhanced clarity and precision
  • Mental clarity
  • Boosts memory retention
  • Enhances concentration levels
  • Drives motivation
  • Reduces feelings of restlessness
  • Provides relief during stressful times
  • Supports nerve cell growth via NGF (Nerve Growth Factor)
  • Speeds up nerve signal transmissions
  • Enhances overall brain functionality
  • Shields brain tissue from damaging free radicals
  • Augments neurotransmitter formation
  • Cognitive enhancements include:
    • Boosted neuroplasticity
    • Stimulated creativity
    • Enhanced productivity
  • Mental benefits include:
    • Calming restless feelings
    • Stress relief
    • Alleviating anxiety
    • Combatting mental strain and pressure
  • Physical health benefits encompass:
    • Reduced blood pressure
    • Cognitive function boost
    • Cardiovascular system shield
    • Enhanced athletic performance

Wise Rootz App:

  • The perfect tool for seamless monitoring without the added hassle. Deliqs’ exclusive app lets users establish goals and guidelines, and oversee their progress through intricate graphs, engaging journal activities, and emotion-based exercises.
  • Process monitoring
  • Goal-setting capabilities
  • Guideline establishment
  • Progress tracking with comprehensive graphs
  • Engaging journal entries
  • Activity prompts
  • Timely reminders

Package Contents:

  • 12 Microdosing units
  • 12 Raw cocoa pieces, infused with Lion’s Mane & Ginko Biloba
  • An exquisite gemstone
  • Exclusive access to the complete Wise Rootz app, personalized with each box’s unique code.

Preservation of Wise Rootz – Full Focus:

Ensure that Wise Rootz – Full Focus is stored in a cool, dry place. Typically, it remains fresh for a minimum of two months when stored between 2 and 4 degrees Celsius. Always refer to the expiry date on the package to determine its longevity.

Please Note:

We would like to highlight our stance on medical claims related to herbs and mushrooms on our platform. Existing EU guidelines restrict such statements. While traditional Chinese medicine boasts millennia of existence and numerous trials, officially recognized claims supported by scientific research are restricted on our end. We trust in our clientele’s discernment, and extensive mushroom data is available in public domains online.

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