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Magic truffles in the UK

Magic truffles and mushrooms are hallucinogenic fungi that grow in the wild, including in the UK. The brightly colored magic truffle packages with funny names such as Jalisco, Nirwana, Utopia, and Atlantis are one of many kinds of magic truffles you can order in the UK. In just a few days a parcel arrives at your door in the UK with small earthy magic truffles. A few hours later you can enjoy them together with friends and experience the unique qualities that you can only enjoy with magic truffles.
Recently it was even stated that some psychedelic drugs can be used to treat mental disorders such as depression, PTSD, and addiction. According to the Guardian can psychedelic drugs give you new insights as the ruminative thought process is breaking up when using psychedelic drugs such as magic mushrooms and truffles. This means that you can make new connections and undoing stress. Therefore have UK regulators have given a go-ahead to the first clinical trial for the use of psychedelic drugs in December 2020. This means that more research will be done on the positive effects of magic truffles in the UK.

Buying magic truffles online in the UK

It is very easy to order magic truffles online. You can find them everywhere. As we are based in the Netherlands we can ship magic truffles to the UK. Just take a look around in our webshop and we will send your magic truffles to the UK. Be prepared for a fun trip together with your friends. Please do make sure that you are in a chill environment to enjoy the magic truffles the best way possible. Our magic truffles are sent discreetly to your doorstep. After ordering your magic truffles we will send your order in just a few days with deliverers such as DHL and DPD and GLS.

Tips when using magic for the first time

When you have ordered your magic truffles for the first time, then there are some tips that you can have to get the most out of your magic truffles experience in the UK. Always make sure that you consume magic truffles on an empty stomach. This makes sure that you experience the best visual effects. On the other hand, you should make sure that you consume the magic truffles together with friends in a chill environment. When doing this, you decrease the chance of a bad trip. When this is the first time you have ordered magic truffles in the UK and you aren’t sure what truffle suits you best then you should look if the visual effects aren’t too strong. For example, you can order the Atlantis mushroom to the UK. Also, the Mexicana truffle is a very fun mushroom to use as the beginning English magic truffle user.

How long do magic truffles last?

When you have received your magic truffles at your doorstep in the UK, the truffles last up to a month in the fridge. The truffles are vacuum packed to make them last even longer. The magic truffles should be stored in the fridge at a temperature between two and five degrees Celsius. When you store the magic truffles for a longer time, then you should make sure that you check the magic truffles on inconsistencies.


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